Wastewater Training Program


The Wastewater Training Program provides:

  • On-site technical assistance to municipal wastewater treatment facilities
  • Training programs on wastewater related subjects which provide CPE credits
  • Information for VRWA publications

The Wastewater Training Program Must:

  • Make at least 360 on-site contacts to eligible systems per year
  • Geographically cover the Commonwealth of Virginia
  • Provide at least 60 hours of training programs per year

Wastewater On-site Assistance

  • Equipment, guidance, and documentation forms for smoke testing
  • Training and guidance in lab procedures
  • Troubleshoot and assistance with process control problems
  • On-site operator certification assistance
  • Assist with regulatory issues and compliance

The above list covers only a small sampling of the services VRWA provides.  Currently, VRWA has two Wastewater Technicians who are available to assist Virginia’s municipalities throughout the state.  In addition to routine onsite visits, VRWA provides local classes in your area which operators can take advantage of to earn CPE credits needed to maintain license accreditation.

For more information or specific needs contact Donna Lawson at dlawson@vrwa.org.