JumpStart Testing



Introducing JumpStart – a new app for operators to test their skills before testing!

Virginia Rural Water Association and JumpStart Testing, LLC have joined together to provide operators with another tool to help prepare for their next exam. 

Who are we?
JumpStart Testing was created by water/wastewater business professionals with more than 50 years total experience, two of whom have worked with Rural Water for more than 20 years. Over the years, we have seen many changes occur in teaching methods of both the trainers and learning styles of the operators, and we saw a need for teaching methods to adapt to these changes.  Thus, JumpStart Testing was born.

What is JumpStart Testing?

A vast majority of operators are slated to retire within the next 5-10 years, and when they retire they will be taking a lot of knowledge and experience with them. It is vital for every system to have certified operators ready and in place to make this transition seamless, both for the utility and the employees. 

JumpStart Testing is a downloadable application to a smart phone, iPad, or computer, where operators can take practice sample operator tests wherever they have internet access.  This is an additional study tool to make sure they pass their exam. Practice questions, along with correct answers and references are available for Water Treatment, Water Distribution, Wastewater Treatment Biological, and Collections and for all levels at this time, others to be added in the future.

Today’s operators are looking for a convenient method to study, and most are tech savvy. JumpStart Testing allows them to study “on-the-go.”  The tests are Association of Board of Certification (ABC) formatted and have no state specific questions. When you choose the correct answer, it is indicated. If you chose the incorrect answer, the correct answer, along with the reference book and chapter, is given so the student can do additional research. Each time the operator logs into the exam a new query of questions is pulled. Once 100 questions are completed the percentage correct in each of the *core competencies will be shown. This allows the operator to see where they may need to focus their studies. 

*JumpStart Testing is aware several states have participated in the 2017 Standardized Exam pilot. If approved, JumpStart will change the Core Competencies to align with the Need-To-Know criteria. 

This app can be used for 15 minutes or 3 hours, anywhere internet connection is available.  To take a demo practice exam simply: Go to www.jumpstarttesting.net,  Select: Sign up for Free 10 question Demo, 

How do  you sign-up?

Select Your State and include all requested information. Check the Terms of Service box. Click Create Account.  

What is the cost?

Each exam is purchased separately ($75) is intended for one user, per the Terms of Service and available for 365 days from date of purchase.  For utilities who have multiple operators, there is a Corporate Subscription available where each operator will have unlimited use of each practice exam for 365 days. This is priced depending on number of operators. For any utilities interested in this option, please contact Rose Stancil for Corporate Subscription information at (803) 609-9116.