Security / Emergency Awareness


We encourage you to become familiar with the information provided by the EPA.  They are a great resource to  know how to prepare for and mitigate threats to water facilities.

Below are some links that you  might find informative

National Response Center – These reports describe significant environmental and terrorist incidents reported to the National Response Center.

EPA Analytical Preparedness Full-Scale Exercise Toolkit – This will link you to the EPA’s toolkit, which provides the necessary guidance and examples for organizations to plan and conduct their own exercise.

EPA Online WLA Self-Assesment

EPA Baseline Info on Malevolent Acts for Community Water Systems

Small System Response to Terrorism – Gives a list of 10 things to do to prepare.

Emergency Response Plan – Links to a publication on how to prepare for emergencies in small communities.

EPA Cyber Security Brief - Cyber-attacks are a growing threat to critical infrastructure sectors, including water and wastewater systems. This brief provides information to help state primacy agencies start a conversation with water systems about cyber security threats.



Emergency Awareness

VRWA staff will be on-hand for any system needs during and after tornadoes, floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters.  Please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance or help – we are here for you.


Mike Ritchie - 540-335-3000

Rodney McClain - 540-325-6233  

Gary Gandee - 757-633-5885

Glenn Campbell - 434-365-0471

Betty Green - 434-390-3757

Scott McNally - 908-642-1579

Myrica Keiser - 540-460-4342



Also additional sites to check